The Most Beautiful Gift

Odalan is a religious ceremony of Balinese Hindus celebrated every six months or once a year. The purpose of this ceremony is as an expression of gratitude for all the prosperity and salvation that has been granted by God to the Balinese Hindus.

On that day, Hindus came to the shrine or temple by bringing a gebogan offering of fruits, snacks, ornaments and colorful flowers arranged in such a way and look very beautiful. Other temples and sacred buildings are decorated in colorful Balinese cloth complete with Balinese umbrellas and penjor that add to the beauty of the sacred place.

One of the temples or holy places I like is Pura Samuan Tiga in Bedulu Village. At Odalan I can see the beauty of an offering in a very beautiful custom and culture. Ibu Wayan, a Balinese mother that I met said that the ‘sacrifice she offered was very small compared to the abundance of God’s gifts she had received so far.

Photographer : I Putu Agus Muliadi