Pandanus War to Honor The God Indra

Bali is famous for its beautiful customs and culture and every region or village in Bali has unique cultural features which are the heritage of ancestors and in this modern era still preserved. One of my favorite indigenous bali culture is ‘Mekare-kare’ or often called Pandan War in Bali Aga Village Tenganan Pegringsingan, Karangasem East Bali.

Pandanus war ceremony becomes an attraction for tourists. This is one of the traditions done to honor the god Indra. Pandanus war is the culmination of the Ngusaba Sambah ritual which is the biggest ritual that the process lasts a whole month.

The tradition of pandanus war, carried out by using pine-thorns as a weapon to fight. Pandan spines used are pandanus that have been tied up so shaped like a mace. Pandanus fighters also carry a shield of rattan used to protect themselves from opponent attacks.

Pandanus war is accompanied by gamelan music seloding, musical instruments in Tenganan area that can only be played by the purified person. This instrument is played only on certain events. The tool has abstinence that should not be broken that is not allowed to touch the ground.