Melasti, A Purification Procession

Bali is a very beautiful island. The sea, hills, mountains, rivers, lakes and even to the cliffs also provide natural beauty that is admired by travelers. The beauty of nature is supported by the beauty of religion, culture and tradition make Bali as the number one tourist destination in the world.

Melasti is one of beautiful ritual in Hindu customs in Bali. In Hindu beliefs, water sources such as rivers, lakes and the sea are regarded as holy water (tirta amerta). Melasti is a cleansing process of sacred objects belonging to the temple (pralingga or pratima Ida Bhatara) and all its sacred gear. At the time of Melasti, hundreds of Hindus walked carrying sacred objects from the local temple to the source of holy water.

I have several times following this melasti procession and often immortalize it into a photography artwork. All Balinese traditional and cultural ceremonies have high photogenic art that often attracts photographers to capture them.