An Extraordinary Devotion

Balinese culture comes from agrarian activities where in ancient times most of the population doing agricultural activities farming. Gratitude to God for the abundant harvest is expressed by cultural activities with beautiful offerings and exquisite artistic value. Each village in Bali has a special characteristic in expressing gratitude in the form of cultural arts activities that create a variety of beauty in each region.

Until now Balinese Hindus still retain the beautiful art and culture of ancestral relics. One of my favorites is the Pajegan offering at Pura Samuan Tiga on the day of Odalan.

This photo I take when a mother carrying a 3-meter-high Pajegan made of various fruits and some roasted chicken. This mother walked from her home as far as 300 meters walk towards the temple with Pajegan above the head . A form of gratitude for all the prosperity that has been bestowed by God.

Photographer: I Putu Agus Muliadi