Explore the Beauty of Munduk Waterfall with GUS

Tanah Barak or Red Coral Waterfall is one of the fabulous waterfalls on the island that is located in Munduk Village, North Bali. The path down to the waterfall is densely planted with clove and coffee trees as well as Avocado, Taro, Banana and Durian trees. Munduk lies at an altitude of about 800 meters above sea level offering fresh cool mountain air. Munduk waterfall is a 15-meter tall picturesque beauty neighboured by twin lakes, and can be reached byRead more

Finding The Beauty of Lempuyang Temple with GUS

Hello Travellers! There are thousands of Hindu temple in Bali, but one of my favorite is Lempuyang Temple in Karangasem, East Bali. Lempuyang means ‘The Lights of God’. A complex of seven temples, the most spectacular of which is Pura Agung Lempuyang Tara Penah, nestled on the hillside 11 km from Tirta Gangga. Here, the dazzling white split gate perfectly frames Mt Agung, and the temple guardians – three pairs of colossal sea serpents – border a trio of toweringRead more

Exploring The Sacred of Goa Rang Reng Waterfall with GUS

Hello Travellers! If you stay around Ubud, Goa Rang Reng waterfall is worth to visit. Goa Rang Reng translates to “multicoloured cave” and here at the confluence of Bangunlemah and Betiting Rivers (river confluences are considered sacred in Bali), an ancient cave mixes the waters spilling them in a wide and gentle cascade to become the Cangkir River. The path to the waterfall is steep, muddy and slippery. Bamboo platforms offer a good lookout point, and a small warung hereRead more

Discovering a 500 Years Old Kayu Putih Tree with GUS

Hello Travellers! Sometime you can be amazed by something really old that still exist in modern time. One of those you can find in Bali is The Kayu Putih tree in Marga. The highlight in Desa Tua, Marga Village is an amazing tree believed to be 500 years old. The sheer scale and the amazing root structure is amazing – photos do not do it justice, this is one you have to see in person. This tree becomes the villageRead more

Finding A Hidden Sunset View Spot with GUS

Hello Travellers! If you ask where is the hidden place to watch sunset in Bali, I would say it’s Karang Boma Cliff near Uluwatu Temple. What many locals still consider a secret spot, this cliff-side hides a world renounced surf break and jaw-dropping view of Uluwatu. Explore Bali with Gus Reserve your Private Bali Adventure Day Trip with Dedicated Professional Guide. Booking: adventurousbali@gmail.com WA: +62 81337070082Read more

Exploring Saraswati Temple in Ubud with GUS

This picturesque temple located right in the heart of Ubud honors Dewi Saraswati, the Goddess of knowledge, literature and art. Taman Kemuda Saraswati Temple is set within a beautiful water garden with thousands of red lotus flowers. It does indeed make a pretty backdrop for a selfie, but it’s worth getting a little closer to admire the impressive entrance gate. Evening sees the temple lit up as the venue transforms to a stage for regular dance and music performances. ToRead more

Finding Serenity at Tibumana Waterfall with GUS

Hello Travellers! Other than beautiful rice terraces, sacred temples and magical sunset at the beach, Bali have so many beautiful waterfalls to explore. This time I have a chance to visit Tibumana waterfall. It is such a hidden gem in Bangli regency near Ubud. The area around waterfall is quite pretty the entire places surrounded by insane cliffs and jungle. The falls here are scenic, even though not overly spectacular, what makes the trip here worthwhile is the journey. PassingRead more

The Unforgettable Adventure at Banyumala Waterfall with GUS

Hello Travellers! The Northern part of Bali around Bedugul and Wanagiri is definitely my favorite area in Bali. It is about 1000 meter above sea level so the weather is mostly cold and the mist bring the magical moments. This mountain area also home to some of stunning waterfalls, and Banyumala is my favorite. Banyumala Waterfall is a beautiful twin waterfall hidden away in Buleleng that shouldn’t be missed as it is truly a beautiful gift from nature. The sightRead more

An Adventure Day Trip to Sekumpul Waterfall with GUS

Hello Travellers! Last week I explored one of the best waterfall in Bali and also my favorite because it is spectacular in size, surrounded by beautiful landscape and 2 huge waterfalls close to each other that amazed me. Hidden in the dense jungles of Northern Bali lies Sekumpul Waterfalls, a collection of seven picturesque waterfalls often cited as the most beautiful in Bali with the main fall is a spectacular 80 meters in height. The Fiji Waterfall is another stunningRead more