Waterblow Nusa Dua

There is one spot in the area of Nusa Dua Beach called “Water Blow” which is a rock formation where waves colliding onto the rock wall creates a giant splash like the water is “blowing up”.  This area has dangerous cliffs which recently were managed by the BTDC by creating a path and guardrail. Not only that, an open-roofed building and was built at one end of the cliff. The interesting mechanism of Water Blow is that on the cliff,Read more

Bunut Bolong

Instagram @erytriana_iie Bunut Bolong is a big banyan tree located in the middle of the road, which has a hole at the bottom of the tree, and the hole into which the vehicle crossing over the road below. Bunutbolong tree, located in the  Bunut Bolong village, Pekutatan, Jembrana regency, Bali. In the middle of the road connecting Jembrana with Buleleng regency, district Pekutatan with Seririt. Bunut Bolong tree is unique, because there is a hole in the base of the treeRead more