Tanah Lot Temple

Tanah Lot
Tanah Lot Temple. Image by Adventurous Bali Tour

About Tanah Lot Temple
Tanah Lot is dramatically located on the Tabanan coast. Built on a promontory only accessible at low tide, this temple is one of the most important in Bali. It means “Sea Temple of the Earth”. This stunning religious complex and impressive architectural feat sits on a gigantic jagged rock that rises out of the ocean on Bali’s southern coast. World Monuments Watch lists it as one of the 100 most endangered and historical sites in the world.

Tanah Lot is also celebrated for the breathtaking sunsets. Here, when the sun slowly and gracefully sinks into the horizon, every pair of eyes in the area are bound to look at one specific spot in the sky.

Also in the Tanah Lot complex, there is another beautiful temple; Batu Bolong Temple, meaning “ hollowed rock”, the small shrine is built on a rocky promontory that is said dedicated to the protective sea spirits in Tanah Lot. This site on the north of Tanah Lot has its own allure, it’s quite underrated if we may say. So be sure to walk up north and visit Batu Bolong as well.

Tanah Lot Highlights:

  • There are 2 temple with breathtaking ocean view; Tanah Lot Temple and Batu Bolong Temple
  • Admission IDR 60.000/person
  • Beautiful ocean and sunset view from anywhere around the temple side
  • Best time visit on sunset
  • Restaurants are available on cliff side overlooking to the ocean/sunset
  • Souvenir shops are available along the street
  • Balinese Dance performance on sunset with IDR 100.000 extra charge
  • ‘Klepon’ is the authentic sweet cake in this area you must try
  • Holy snakes you should see on the cave (with a small notes as donation!)

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Tanah Lot Temple On Google Map

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Tanah Lot1_resize
Tanah Lot Temple. Photo by Adventurous Bali Photography & Tours
Tanah Lot_001_resize
Tanah Lot Temple. Photo by Adventurous Bali Photography & Tours

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