Finding Serenity at Tibumana Waterfall with GUS

Image by GUS

Hello Travellers!

Other than beautiful rice terraces, sacred temples and magical sunset at the beach, Bali have so many beautiful waterfalls to explore. This time I have a chance to visit Tibumana waterfall. It is such a hidden gem in Bangli regency near Ubud.

The area around waterfall is quite pretty the entire places surrounded by insane cliffs and jungle. The falls here are scenic, even though not overly spectacular, what makes the trip here worthwhile is the journey.

Passing charming villages, the roads narrow and the picturesque landscape with greenery of rice fields, coconut palms, banana trees and ancient temples. From the car park near the Pura Dalem, a cement path leads on an enjoyable short trek down to the river peppered with flowers, bamboo groves, birds, butterflies and the relaxing sound of water flow. The path splits–take the path to the left to the waterfall. First you will pass a smallish jungle cascade falling through creepers and vines to a shallow pool. Continue along the path, for a more powerful torrent spilling into a swimming hole.

A change room and lockers are available if you’d like a swim, and a bamboo gazebo offers a shady rest spot. On the way back, take the other branch of the path where steps lead to a holy spring at a confluence in the river.

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