The Unforgettable Adventure at Banyumala Waterfall with GUS

Image by GUS

Hello Travellers!

The Northern part of Bali around Bedugul and Wanagiri is definitely my favorite area in Bali. It is about 1000 meter above sea level so the weather is mostly cold and the mist bring the magical moments. This mountain area also home to some of stunning waterfalls, and Banyumala is my favorite.

Banyumala Waterfall is a beautiful twin waterfall hidden away in Buleleng that shouldn’t be missed as it is truly a beautiful gift from nature. The sight of this beauty of nature is awe-inspiring as you watch the water rush against the steep cascading rocks.

The natural pool is inviting with its translucent turquoise waters. It’s fresh cool and clean, perfectly safe to swim in. Bathe in tranquility, listen to the thunderous roar of cascading waters and take in the sights of the vibrant greenery. It’s absolutely perfect for a quiet and peaceful afternoon in the arms of Mother Nature. Climb up to the resting area where there’s another gazebo and there you can get a panoramic view of the waterfall and pool.

Banyumala waterfall is also close to some favorite attractions such as Wanagiri Hidden Hills, Monkey Forest, Handara Gate, Ulun Danu Temple, Bali Botanical Garden, so it is recommended to visit this area while you are in Bali.

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Banyumala Waterfall
Image by GUS

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