Sanur, Morning of The World

The Best Adventure of The Day by @agungwinda Sanur is Bali’s oldest upscale resort area and is a mature beach-side town. The beach, while thin, is protected by a reef and breakwaters, so families appreciate the limpid waves. Sanur stretches for about 5km along an east-facing coastline, with the lush and green landscaped grounds of resorts fronting right on to the sandy beach. Despite the abundance of restaurants and accommodation, it has a quiet and relaxed feel to it. SanurRead more

Wanagiri Hidden Hills, A Perfect Instaworthy Spot

The Best Adventure of The Day by @nicholas_dtu About Wanagiri Hidden Hills. Bali isn’t all beaches, cocktails and tropical weather. After driving through the winding scenic roads in north Bali, through forest-clad mountains, you’ll reach the little out-of-the-way village of Munduk, where the air is so crisp you can forget about air-conditioning. Why Wanagiri Hidden Hills Should Be In My Bucket List? Offering mostly guesthouses and home stays, this isn’t a place for luxury, but anywhere you pick should haveRead more

Tembok Barak Waterfall, A Hidden Beauty in North Bali

The Best Adventure of The Day by @evridaariani Tembok Barak Wall Waterfall is located in Sambangan, Buleleng, North Bali. The word “tembok barak” means red wall waterfall. The access to the location can be quite fun and easy. You will also be treated to the surrounding nature view of green rice fields and forests that is so peaceful. This is what makes the more exciting and enjoyable journey while inhaling fresh and cool mountain air. The atmosphere is beautiful asRead more

Banyumala, A Bathing Pool of Angels

The Best Adventure of The Day by @wildbonde Banyumala Waterfall is a beautiful twin waterfall hidden away in Buleleng that shouldn’t be missed as it is truly a beautiful gift from nature. The sight of this beauty of nature is awe-inspiring as you watch the water rush against the steep cascading rocks. The natural pool is inviting with its translucent turquoise waters. It’s fresh cool and clean, perfectly safe to swim in. Bathe in tranquility, listen to the thunderous roarRead more

Handara Gate, One of The Most Famous Gate in Bali

The Best Adventure of The Day by @thefreedomcomplex Did you really go to Bali if you didn’t post a Handara gate photo? Handara Golf Resort Bali is located in Pancasari Village Bedugul, the central highlands of Bali and nestled down inside the crater of an extinct volcano at an altitude of almost 1,400 meters (almost 4,000 feet) above sea level. The climate in this region is a small relief around (14-24◦ C) and just great for outdoor activities like golfing.Read more

Soul In A Bowl – Sanur

Located at the heart of Sanur, on the crossroads to Sanur Beach, this relaxed cafe by day offers a creative delicious selection of coffee, juices and smoothies for drink. As for the food, you can have a great breakfast menu, sandwiches, burgers and all day cakes. When the day is out, this venue transforms into a laid-back restaurant and bar with a vibrant tapas and dinner menu as well as cocktails. With eclectic European decor go the ambience and stylingRead more

Naughty Nuri’s Warung – Seminyak

Naughty Nuri’s Warung is famous for its pork ribs, with many people calling it the place to go for the best pork ribs in Seminyak. Prices are much higher than the usual Warungs, and it caters mainly for tourists as the prices are expensive for locals. Besides the famous pork ribs, Naughty Nuri’s Warung also has appetisers like nachos, salads, sandwiches; and other BBQ items like Pork Chops, and Grilled Chicken. Killer Ribs. Our signature ribs are generously marinated inRead more

KILN Restaurant – Seminyak

KILN is Seminyak’s new bar and eating house, where the food is forged in fire, made for sharing, and inspired by the Eastern Mediterannean; the cocktails are carefully crafted and best savoured, and good tunes carry through late into the night. Signature cocktails include the Shaken-Up Smoked Pineapple Margarita, the Toasted Pina Colada and the Sumac Bloody Mary — all inspired by the kiln from which we take our name, and guaranteed to be some of the best on theRead more

Breathtaking View From Munduk Moding Plantation Bali

The Best Adventure of The Day by @robintuck1 A breathtaking view from incredible 18m infinity pool that melts into the sky. Munduk Moding is a laid-back eco-lodge in the midst of a working coffee plantation, with a gourmet restaurant and pools cantilevered over jungle-clad ravines in the hills above the peaceful north coast of Munduk, Buleleng. More info about Munduk Moding Plantation please visit : Who Can Take Me There? Adventurous Bali Tours WhatsApp: +62 81337070082 Email: Daily TourRead more

Tegenungan, Most Visited yet One of Beautiful Waterfall.

The Best Adventure of The Day by @wzylouise Bali is home to countless waterfalls with beautiful scenery and a calming atmosphere. One of the island’s most beautiful waterfalls is Tegenungan in Kemenuh village, Sukawati, Gianyar. The waterfall is isolated but has become a popular attraction to explore and relax. It is one of the few waterfalls in Bali that is not located in highlands or mountainous area. The amount and clarity of the water at the site depends on rainfallRead more

Gunung Kawi.. A Beautiful Historical Legacy

The Best Adventure of The Day by @orsinianna.maria Gunung Kawi is an 11th-century temple in Tampaksiring that is spread across either side of the Pakerisan river. It comprises 10 rock-cut shrines that are carved into 7-metre-high. Sheltered niches of the sheer cliff face. Carved by hand into the hillside rocks a thousand years ago, this temple showcased the worshippers’ determination in an ancient time. There are four groups of buildings sculptured, three temples and a Buddhist temple on Gunung Kawi.Read more

Exploring The Beauty of Gitgit Twin Campuhan Waterfall

The Best Adventure of The Day by @carlblanchet Wound through narrow lanes and small villages, after a hike down a canyon, we were rewarded with this beautiful site. There are three water falls in Gitgit Village which are offering the amazing panorama and geographically, this is the smallest one called “Twin Campuhan Gitgit”. Beautiful waterfalls from height hill which is encircled by fertile rain forest plantation and emerald pool. Twin Gigit waterfalls situated in the jungle of forest, fresh atmosphereRead more

The Sacred and Beauty of Bunut Bolong

The Best Adventure of The Day by @tamara.paun Bunut Bolong is a big banyan tree located in the middle of the road, which has a large hole at the bottom of the tree, into which the vehicle crossing over the road below. Bunut bolong tree, located in Manggisari Village, Pekutatan, Jembrana, Bali. Holes can be traversed by a large car, such as trucks and buses. The hole is not formed from tree trunks, but formed by roots growing from aRead more

Bali Airport Arrival & Departure Transfer Service

Amazing Bali provides Airport Arrival and Departure Transfer Service, Hotel to Hotel Transfer Service and also Daily Tour Program. Enjoy a personalized welcome by your private chauffeur at the Bali airport Save yourself the hassle of dealing with taxis on arrival Relax while you enjoy the first views of Bali from your air-conditioned vehicle Travel in safety and comfort between the Bali airport and your hotel Experience a completely relaxing start to your Bali visit with this private airport transferRead more

One Fine Day at Tirta Empul Temple, Ubud Bali

The Best Adventure of The Day by @caterinaneri Tirta Empul Temple at Tampak Siring was built in 960 AD. Tirta Empul means “holy spring water” that is passing within the temple. The water feeds adjoining purification pools, baths and fish ponds surrounding the outer complex which then all flow to the Tukad Pakerisan River. While there are several shrines and other structures on the premises, the temple’s tranquility is best seen in the large rectangular pool at the complex’s center. TheRead more