The Instaworthy River Pool at Ayana Resort in Jimbaran Bali

Image by @esti.92

The Best Adventure of The Day by @esti.92

Bali’s Ayana Resort and Spa offers peace and seclution, in a dramatic oceanfront setting with topnotch dining amenities.

In Sanskrit, the word “Ayana” means a place of refuge. No kidding. Slipping into the infinity pool of your villa at AYANA Resort and Spa, you gaze across the Indian Ocean.

With a canopy bed and Balinese woodwork, your airy lodgings are a temple of solitude. Inside your lush privafe compound, it feels like you’re the only person on this tropical island.

In fact, your hideaway is one of 368 rooms, suites and villas at AYANA Resort and Spa. There’s also plenty to do if you’re feeling sociable. The resort is home to 16 restaurants, bars, and cafes, plus a gigantic spa whose services range from a seawater jet pool (one of 12 pools across the resort) to an 18-hole putting course.

If you love Instagram, this place is your paradise and will guarantee your beautiful posts because there are many instaworthy places spread in both Ayana and its sister hotel Rimba Jimbaran Bali.

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