Handara Gate Bedugul

Handara Gate. Photo by Adventurous Bali Photography & Tours

About Handara Gate.
Did you really go to Bali if you didn’t post a Handara gate photo? Handara Golf Resort Bali is located in Pancasari Village Bedugul, the central highlands of Bali and nestled down inside the crater of an extinct volcano at an altitude of almost 1,400 meters (almost 4,000 feet) above sea level. The climate in this region is a small relief around (14-24◦ C) and just great for outdoor activities like golfing.

Why Handara Gate Should Be On My Bucket List?
Handara Golf Resort in Bedugul has the most beautiful Balinese gate on the island. I went in the morning at sunrise and I cannot put into words how amazing it was! Currently, Handara Gate is really famous on Instagram that you can make some great images with the gate. The area is located in Bedugul with some other beautiful attraction near by to explore.

Do I Have To Pay Admission?
No, You don’t need to. You are free to walk around in front of the Handara Gate and take some photos

Who Can Take Me There?
Adventurous Bali Photography and Tours
WhatsApp: +62 85858213809
Email: adventurousbali@gmail.com
Daily Tour Flat Charge US$ 10/Hour/Car Maximum 3 Person*
Photography Service Flat Charge US$100/2 Hours

Can You Tell Me Some Beautiful Places Near Handara Gate?
Ulun Danu Temple on Beratan Lake, Twin Lake View Point, Banyumala Waterfall, Gitgit Waterfall, Campuhan Twin Waterfall at Gitgit, Multi Tiers Waterfall at Gitgit, Munduk Moding Plantation, Wanagiri Hidden Hills, Bali Botanical Garden, Munduk Waterfall, Golden Valley Waterfall at Munduk.

Thank you very much for visiting us. If you have any questions please kindly write it down on comment box. Have an amazing day!


Please have a look on these following images from our favorite Instagram to get some idea

Handara Gate. Photo by Adventurous Bali Photography & Tours
Handara Gate. Photo by Adventurous Bali Photography & Tours



“Did you really go to Bali if you didn’t post a Handara Gate photo ? Conor Mc Cann @conormccann


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