Tanah Lot Temple

Tanah Lot
Tanah Lot Temple. Photo by Adventurous Bali Photography & Tours

About Tanah Lot Temple
Tanah Lot is dramatically located on the Tabanan coast. Built on a promontory only accessible at low tide, this temple is one of the most important in Bali. It means “Sea Temple of the Earth”. This stunning religious complex and impressive architectural feat sits on a gigantic jagged rock that rises out of the ocean on Bali’s southern coast. While you’ll have to wait for low tide to reach the temple, adding that snapping a photo of Tanah Lot Temple at sunset is a must. World Monuments Watch lists it as one of the 100 most endangered and historical sites in the world.

Why Tanah Lot Should Be In My Bucket List?
People come to watch the sunsets from the park opposite the temple. Another good spot to see the temple is from Pura Batu Bolong, another beautiful temple on the west side. It is part of a magnificent series of temples along the south coast, all dedicated to the protective sea spirits.

Do I Have To Pay Admission?
Yes, Admission Fee is Rp 60.000/person

Who Can Take Me There?
Adventurous Bali Photography and Tours
WhatsApp: +62 85858213809
Email: adventurousbali@gmail.com
Daily Tour Flat Charge US$ 10/Hour/Car Maximum 3 Person*
Photography Service Flat Charge US$100/2 Hours

Can You Tell Me Some Beautiful Places Near Tanah Lot Temple?
Batu Bolong Temple (400meter), Canggu Beach (13 km), Seminyak Beach (18km), Alas Kedaton (16km)

Thank you very much for visiting us. If you have any questions please kindly write it down on comment box. Have an amazing day!


Tanah Lot Temple Lacation On Google Map

Please have a look on these following images from our favorite Instagram to get some idea

Tanah Lot1_resize
Tanah Lot Temple. Photo by Adventurous Bali Photography & Tours
Tanah Lot_001_resize
Tanah Lot Temple. Photo by Adventurous Bali Photography & Tours

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