Gitgit Waterfall

About Gitgit Waterfall
Git Git Waterfall is popular attraction in Northern Bali. It is located in the midst of tropical jungle and the water plunges down from a height of 35 meters. The water here is lovely and refreshing, but it is not really practical for swimming because there are too many rocks. It is definitely possible to play around in the water, and to stand under the falling spray – this acts like a free massage.

Why Gitgit Waterfall Should Be On My Bucket List?
Most visitors to the area will spend a bit of time exploring the local rain forest as well as enjoying the waterfall. There is a large population of monkeys in the area, and visitors will usually get to see them during their trip.

Do I Have To Pay Admission?
Yes, Admission Fee is Rp 10.000/person

Who Can Take Me There That I can Trust?

Adventurous Bali Tours
Day Tour Bookings:
WhatsApp: +62 81337070082
Instagram : @balibestguide

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