Nungnung Waterfall


These falls are 45-meters high and most spectacular during wet season. The drive to the falls is a treasure on its own, as you will pass jungle ravines and ridge top terraced paddies. It takes around 45 minutes to descend to the falls proper, and over an hour to get back up – including the 400 steps. And they are right! This is a very vigorous but rewarding trek.

The pathway, stairs and handrails are in good condition so it is safe, even for kids. The base of the falls is easily accessible once you’ve decended, but sports for swimming are a little limited.

Overall, allow about two and a half hours to go down, explore the waterfall base proper, gather energy for the return climb, and make it back to the car park.

Nungnung Waterfall
Plaga Village, Badung Regency, Bali Indonesia

“Moments like this can only be describe as pure joy, suddenly you’re 10 years old again splashing around in the water laughing with your friends” Conor McCann @conormccann

“It really looked like This… I don’t lie” Aaron Brimhall @aaronbhall

“Bali is a natural wonder with beautiful hidden places. One of the most beautiful waterfall in Bali is called Nungnung waterfall. The perfect spot to avoid the crowd and to discover the beauty of Bali” Florian Degreve @florian_degreve

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