Kelingking Beach

26310182904_6cb2128262_o JK Tan
“Arrived at 2am and the clouds were covering the stars. It wasn’t until 5am when the clouds parted for a bit and I was able to take picture of Milky Way. @lovealwayspriscilla and I than climbed down to the beach in the dark, watched the sunrise, hang up the hammock and fall as sleep for a couple of hours” Daniel Young @danmaniel
“When I booked my ticket to Indonesia I instantly thought of this place. When we arrived we started to head down to the beach but we got a little side tracked and ended up hiking the ridge for sunset. It reminded me so much of Hawaii, a narrow ridge with sheer cliffs on each side. So the  ext morning we decided to come back and spent the whole day lounging on the beach. Easily one of the most memorable days from Indonesia so far” Megan Hassa @meganhassa

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