Sacred Monkey Forest Sanctuary Ubud

Hundreds of playful and interactive Macaque monkeys call the sacred forest home and roam freely around the tree canopy and temple complex. Cuddle up with these amazing local monkeys at the Monkey Forest sanctuary. See mother and their newborns, up close and personal, take as many pictures as you like, even feed the monkeys bananas!

Sacred Monkey Forest Sanctuary
Jalan Monkey Forest, Ubud,
Gianyar Regency, Bali Indonesia



“Monkey forest in Ubud, Bali – home to over 600 cheeky wild monkeys. They might look all cute and innocent carrying their babies around but they will jump on your face first chance they get! On the other hand, I was amazed of the untouched jungle and the size of the trees all aroud me a bit more than those little fuckers trying to steal everything from you 😂” Gaile Juknyte @7vensuns

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