Penglipuran a traditional village, picturesque Balinese village, with a population of 750.  This unique traditional village is located at the administrative village of Kubu about 5 kms from Bangli. It is became famous caused by its tradition, natural beauty and hospitable villagers.

The natural nature and environments of countryside is designating the pittance touch of modernization influence. This countryside is supported by cool atmosphere because it is located on the height land about 700 m above sea level and according to history of all old doyens that this countryside is taken away from the word Pengeling Pura what its meaning remember to ancestor, but there is also telling that the word of Penglipur mean the entertainer. It is said that at former empire era, all king often use this area as a place to amuse themselves, because its nature is beautiful and can give the peacefulness and inspiration at the time of experiencing a problem.

Especially those associated with the settlement’s yard. In the middle of the current onslaught of modernization, the persistence of Pengelipuran looks neat arrangement of the local residential area. Entering the village pengelipuran like entering a garden which was established with all-perfect architecture. Houses lined along the street stood neatly with the gate almost uniform in every home.

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